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Clip-On Night Vision Attachment CNVD-22

Clip-On Night Vision Attachment CNVD-22, фото 1
Clip-On Night Vision Attachment CNVD-22, фото 2Clip-On Night Vision Attachment CNVD-22, фото 3
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Clip-On Night Vision Attachment CNVD-22
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В наличииClip-On Night Vision Attachment CNVD-22
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The Clip-On Night Vision Sight CNVD-22 is a night vision clip-on scope. It enables an operator to use the magnification power of a daytime scope combined with night vision capability.

CNVD-22 is a high performance system that mounts to any MIL-STD-1913 rail interface in front of day time scope. This gives the operator night vision capability from a standard day scope system. No matter what type of IIT installed, the fast F:1.15 catadioptric lens brings brighter and sharper image in moonlight, starlight, or even overcast nights. The unit is installed, operated, and removed without tools and without affecting boresight alignment.

Unlike most of similar systems, theCNVD-22 has conveniently built-in collimator which allows to “fine tune” any smallest discrepancies or possible misalignment. The CNVD-22 can be mounted in front of a spotting scope for long range reconnaissance, hand held as a night observation device, or placed in front of a riflescope for sniper applications. The best viewing can be achieved with the day scopes having various power between 3-9X while other clip-on units on the market having severe image degradation after 4x.

CNVD-22 Specifications

Optical Magnification


Objective Lens Focal Length

68mm, f/1.15

Field of View (FOV)


Focusing Range

10m to Infinity

Boresight Accuracy


Boresight Adjustment

Collimator (if needed)

Optical Axis Height

39mm above rail

Enviromental Protection


Battery Type

1pc CR123

Battery Life

40+ hours


610 grams (21.5 oz)


150x80x75 mm

Operating Temperature

-40ºC .. +55ºC

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